New Construction Air Duct Cleaning Services

Ensuring excellent indoor air quality is essential for the health and comfort of any home or building occupants; with any new construction, air duct cleaning services are a must. While a new structure provides pristine living spaces, the ductwork transporting your HVAC system’s air often contains dust, debris, and potential pollutants accumulated during construction if not cleaned properly. As a Port St. Lucie resident, you want your family to breathe the freshest air possible. Air Duct Cleaning PSL understands your need to eliminate indoor air concerns from the start.

Our experienced technicians can thoroughly clean ducts pre-drywall or post-construction to remove build-up. Whether you’re building your dream home or developing a commercial property like an office or restaurant in the area, invite us to inspect your ventilation system before closing walls. This allows our NADCA-certified process to extract contaminants that might later impact indoor environments and strain HVAC functionality. Don’t risk circulating dust and allergens throughout your new spaces. Contact Air Duct Cleaning PSL today for a comprehensive duct assessment and cleaning service.


Why is Duct Cleaning Necessary for New Homes?

When you’re building a new home, it’s an exciting time filled with visions of making your dream space a reality. While construction brings joys like picking out fixtures and colors, it also comes with dust, dirt, and debris that can end up in places you don’t expect – like your HVAC system’s ductwork. Now imagine relaxing in your beautiful new living room, unaware that with every breath you’re inhaling particles from drywall sanding or insulation fibers. Yuck! 

As an HVAC duct cleaning technician, I’ve seen firsthand what gets trapped inside ducts during construction. Drywall dust is a big culprit – it gets everywhere as crews sand joints. Fiberglass insulation spraying out while being cut and installed leaves wispy strands wafting through your new home. Concrete work pouring foundations stirs up microscopic powder. These microscopic dust mites and allergens get sucked into unprotected duct openings. Before you know it, your vents are spewing a mixture of contaminants throughout your pristine new spaces.

The good news is a professional duct cleaning from a company like Air Duct Cleaning PSL can remove these pollutants before you move in. Our NADCA-certified technicians use specialized vacuums and brush equipment to dislodge and capture everything clinging inside your ducts. We access the system from both ends to flush out debris that may have settled in bends or collars. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in our vacuums trap 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns to keep your home’s air as pure as possible. 

Many of our customers have ducts cleaned pre-drywall so we can access the whole system easily. This prevents dust from circulating until well after construction finishes. Others wait until after the fact, which we don’t recommend since dust can then redistribute during your move-in. Don’t let unseen allergens put a damper on enjoying your new home – give us a call today. We’ll ensure your ducts are pristine and ready to distribute clean, fresh air for years to come.

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When is the Best Time for New Construction Duct Cleaning?

So you know your new home’s ducts need cleaning, but when exactly should you schedule it? As the trusted experts in Port St. Lucie, we’re often asked this question about new construction dust. There are pros and cons to pre-drywall cleaning versus post-construction cleaning that you’ll want to consider.

New Construction Air Duct Cleaning Services

Having us clean before the sheetrock goes up allows easy access to all your ductwork. Imagine your ducts are like long spaghetti noodles twisted around floor joists – it’s simple for us to pull them straight and vacuum thoroughly. Once walls are up, maneuvering equipment becomes more difficult since ducts are enclosed. We have to work through vents or small access panels, taking more time. Pre-drywall also prevents dust from settling in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies behind finished surfaces.

However, scheduling prematurely during the construction process means paying for cleaning before the home is complete. Construction also may continue for weeks after we perform the service. This leaves windows open for more dust and debris to enter cleaned areas. If cleaning post-construction, the home is closed up keeping dirt out after we finish. You also have a chance to enjoy your new home dust-free for a bit before cleaning disrupts you. 

At Air Duct Cleaning PSL, we recommend scheduling your pre-drywall cleaning just before sheetrock and insulation go up. This ensures maximum access while construction is nearly done. For post-construction cleaning, the best time is 2-4 weeks after moving in. This allows dust to settle from construction and moving activities but gets cleaned up before it can redistribute in your vents long term. Give us a call to discuss the best strategy for your specific project!

Choosing a Reputable Duct Cleaning Company

With duct cleaning being such an important service, you want to ensure you hire a company you can trust. As you search online or get referrals, beware – not all companies are created equal. Some may cut corners or lack proper training and could spread dust around instead of removing it. As a homebuilder myself, I’ve seen my share of shady operators. Don’t let yourself become another victim of their half-baked work! 

When considering air duct cleaning companies, the first thing I check is certification. Look for the gold standard NADCA accreditation, which requires extensive training, continuing education, and work that passes inspection. Members like us at Air Duct Cleaning PSL have to meet rigorous standards annually. Insurance and licensing are also a must – you want professionals who will take responsibility if anything goes wrong. 

Experience matters too – choose an outfit that’s been cleaning ducts for years in your area. New fly-by-night companies may seem cheaper, but do you want your home as their training project? Reputable companies like ours have a solid track record of satisfied customers they can introduce you to. Read real reviews on sites like Google to see what past clients say about service and results. 

Ask about the cleaning process – a professional company will explain the EPA-registered methods and equipment used to thoroughly vacuum, brush, and sanitize your ducts. Ours uses the most powerful truck-mounted vacuums to quickly remove dust, plus antimicrobial treatment to inhibit mold growth. Pricing should also be competitive for the services rendered. 

When you hire Air Duct Cleaning PSL, you get quality duct system work from people who care about your home as much as we care about our own. Don’t risk subpar work – contact us today for a free estimate you can feel good about. Your indoor air quality is worth getting it right!

Specialized Services We Provide

You hired Air Duct Cleaning PSL experts to scrub your ducts thoroughly, but our work is just the beginning. Small changes on your end can maximize the benefits of clean air for your home or office. Think of it like detailing a new car – we do the heavy lifting to get it showroom shiny, and then it’s up to you to keep it that way.

Start with replacing your filters monthly, especially if you have pets or allergies. Clogged filters trap dust before it enters ducts, which we removed a lot of. Use the highest MERV rating compatible with your system for superior filtering. Also consider upgrading to a UV light air purifier, as these zap airborne germs and pathogens.

Keep your return air vents dust-free by vacuuming around them weekly. I like to use a soft brush attachment to gently remove debris. Don’t forget ceiling registers either – our lifts make this a breeze! Clean or replace your fan motor once a year as these collect contaminants over time.

Most importantly, schedule re-cleanings every 3-5 years depending on your household. Even with diligent filter changes, dust does creep back in. Reputable companies offer service plans for maintenance cleaning. Ours comes with a discount and priority scheduling that’s very convenient. Sticking to a routine keeps your air as pure as the day we cleaned ducts.

With a little TLC on your end and our expertise regularly, you’ll enjoy breathing easy for many years. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any other questions – indoor air quality is our passion. Wishing you clear sailing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is involved in a new construction duct cleaning?

Our technicians perform a full HVAC inspection and clean all ductwork using specialized vacuums and brush equipment.

  • We access ducts from the unit and all supply vents to remove dust, debris, and contaminants like drywall particles.
  • Our NADCA-certified process thoroughly scrubs and sanitizes ducts to leave them sparkling clean!

2. How much does duct cleaning cost for a new home?

Pricing varies based on your system’s size and accessibility. We provide free estimates! Generally expect $400-800 for a standard house. Larger systems may be $900-1200. We never use scare tactics or pressure – just honest quotes for clean, healthy air. 

3. When should I schedule my new home’s ducts to be cleaned? 

Most say 2-4 weeks after move-in, allowing dust to settle first. But pre-drywall access is best if your schedule allows it! Give us a call to discuss your timeline – we’re flexible to work with builders.

4. What precautions are taken to protect my home during cleaning?  

From drop clothes to sealed vacuums, we take every precaution. Our certified technicians are fully insured too. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home, furniture, and belongings are safe in our hands!

5. How can I ensure the company is qualified?

Look for the NADCA seal, licensing, insurance, experience, and great reviews. We proudly meet all standards to deliver reliable results you can trust for your home’s indoor air quality!

We are Air Duct Cleaning PSL, your premier professional for all your air quality needs. From HVAC system air ducts to dryer vents, we will service your home or workspace and keep you within EPA-recommended air quality levels. Florida’s best clean air ducts are just a phone call away.