How To Keep Your Air Clean After Home Renovations?

Do you have a renovation project underway at your home? If yes, it’s essential to understand the potential issues that could arise from the accumulation of dust, dirt and other particles during this process. These pollutants can affect your respiratory health and negatively impact air quality in your living space.

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Thankfully, there are several methods which you can use to ensure that indoor air quality will remain safe and clean after the completion of home renovations. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with practical tips on keeping your air clean after any size or type of construction activity at your property. Before that, let’s get to the basics.

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What Risks We Pose to Our Health After Home Renovations?

The most common health risk is exposure to airborne particles such as dust, air pollutants, and other allergens that may be built up during any renovation process. This is because when you are carrying out renovating activities such as sanding, cutting wood, and painting walls, these activities produce materials that cause dust particles in the air.

These dust particles can contain hazardous chemicals and toxins that are dangerous when inhaled. This exposure can pose harm when breathed in and cause a range of short and long-term health issues, such as allergies, inflammation in the lungs, and respiratory illnesses. In extreme cases, exposure to airborne particles can result in death due to lung cancer or heart failure if sufficient protection isn’t taken by those involved in the home renovation process.

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How To Clean Air Ducts After Home Renovations?

It is highly recommended that homeowners hire professional air duct cleaning services or dryer vent cleaning services to inspect and clean their air ducts after any home renovation or construction project. Professionals for duct cleaning in Stuart are trained to safely and effectively remove any dust, dirt, or debris that may have made its way into the air ducts during the renovation process. If you opt for DIY cleaning, you must use proper safety equipment (e.g., gloves and masks) to clean dirty air ducts since dust can be hazardous if inhaled directly.

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Preparing Your Air Ducts Before Home Renovations

Keeping your air ducts clean before, during, and after home renovations in Palm City is essential for protecting your family’s health. During the home renovation process, dust and debris can become lodged in your air duct system or air conditioning – leading to poor indoor air quality and endangering the health of those living inside. Here are four tips on how you can better prepare your air ducts before a home renovation project:

1. Don’t Run Your HVAC System During Construction

One of the most important steps you can take is to shut off your HVAC system for the duration of the construction project. Doing so will reduce the risk of airborne particles entering the ventilation pipes and becoming trapped within.

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2. Buy Vent Covers

Another helpful tip is to buy vent covers that can be placed over any exposed vents to keep out dust particles during renovations. These covers are cheap and easy to install so it pays to have them on hand before beginning work on any home renovation projects!

3. Close Off Vents Temporarily

You should also consider closing any vents located in or around where you’re temporarily completing home renovations. This will ensure that dust particles do not enter other areas of your house during construction and will help minimize potential damage or contamination from occurring beyond the specified work area.

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4. Upgrade Your HVAC System

Finally, if possible, now would be a great time to upgrade your HVAC system too! Installing a better filter system with higher MERV ratings (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) can help protect against dust, dirt and other allergens from entering your home at all times.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has some great tips and suggestions regarding keeping clean air flowing year-round here. Following these guidelines will go a long way toward ensuring both a safe and successful home renovation experience for everyone involved.

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What Else Can I Do To Ensure Good Air Quality?

While professional cleaning of your air ducts should be done after any home renovation or construction project, there are some additional steps you can take to ensure good indoor air quality in your home:

Change Your Air Filters Regularly:

It is essential to ensure that you are changing your air filters regularly. Depending on your type of air filter, you must change it every three months at a minimum, as dirty air filters can cause poor indoor air quality.

Clean Hard Surfaces and Vacuum Carpet:

Another way to improve your indoor air quality is by regularly cleaning hard surfaces such as countertops, furniture, and floors with a damp microfiber cloth or mop and vacuuming any carpets or rugs around the home. Doing this will help remove dust particles from these surfaces and prevent them from recirculating back into the air in your home.

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Install Air Purification Systems:

For an extra layer of protection against poor indoor air quality, consider installing an air purification system into your home’s HVAC system, which can help remove pollutants from the warm or cool air before circling through the house.

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End Note:

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Now that you know how to keep your air clean after home renovations, put these tips into action. You and your family will breathe easy knowing the air in your home is clean and safe. We hope you found this blog helpful.

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